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September 23rd, 2006

09:38 pm - Watney Piazza
Whilst wandering towards Shadwell DLR station today, I happened to glance at the new development of flats and shops springing up near Watney Market. It's been given the ridiculous name of 'Watney Piazza'. I don't know who came up with this name - it seems like the ludicrous invention of some property developer in order to make the area sound more upmarket. I can't imagine anyone being fooled by this, as it's so transparent what they're trying to do from the first moment you set foot in the area. Is anyone really going to be fooled with this: "No, I don't want to live in Watney market...oh Watney PIAZZA, you say, well that sounds perfect!"
Current Music: Ben Folds - All You Can Eat

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September 3rd, 2006

12:08 pm
Just to let people know that I'm writing the pub quiz this Wednesday so it would be great if you can come along.

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June 24th, 2006

12:44 pm - You Are My Sunshine
A little while ago ged74 and I went to see the lovely Duke Special at Bush Hall. The gig ended with a singalong of You Are My Sunshine, which everyone can now watch here.

You can't see Dave and I but if you listen closely you might hear us singing.
Current Music: Duke Special - You Are My Sunshine

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June 10th, 2006

12:34 pm - How much Anthony Worrall Thompson do we need?
While lying under my duvet watching television this morning, slightly hung over, I discovered that Anthony Worrall Thompson is apparently attempting to take over TV. On BBC 1 there was Saturday Kitchen, hosted by the aforementioned chef, and on ITV 1 there was Saturday Cooks, also hosted by the tubby ginger one. As far as I can tell, there are ostensibly the same show. Anthony gets some guest chefs on, along with experts to advise us on wine, etc. and then they cook stuff.

How is this possible? What miracle of scheduling is this? How much choice on cookery programmes do we need? Especially as we buy about 50 percent of all the ready meals sold in Europe.

In other food-related news, I went to Shish last night, the kebab restaurant. It was great. I had szechuan chili beef with cous cous and some fabulous duck rolls. I also got to try some honey roasted pumpkin, which was delicious. Mmmm. Now I'm hungry.
Current Music: Gemma Hayes - Horses

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February 19th, 2006

12:12 pm - General update
Bit of a stressful week, this week. I think being thrown straight into doing recruitment when you've only just taken over a managerial role is not the most gentle of starts. We needed three new people as our team has been greatly reduced and we're supposed to be starting new services. However, for most of this week it looked like we'd only be able to hire one person but on friday we miraculously managed to find two more, so it all turned out alright in the end. For some reason we managed to hire the most attractive woman we interviewed. I can't imagine how that happened...

Yesterday was an excellent day. I got up to find that Fi's friend Frances had sent me some CDs (Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, The Magnetic Fields, and some other random stuff), so that was a great start. Then it was off to Phil's birthday celebrations at Vinopolis. A great time was had by all as far as I could tell, with lots of nice wine consumed, along with some absinthe, whisky, and a Bombay Sapphire cocktail thrown in. Then it was off for a slightly damp stroll to Brown's, where some much needed and tasty food was consumed, and I got to patronise an American.

willbur joined us by the end and so I headed off with him and the lovely feeweeherman to Retro bar for some more drinks and chatting. Who should we bump into there but Karen, ex-H2H barmaid, who I hadn't seen for about a year. And then Kat's housemate Dan also appeared. Which was slightly bizarre as we'd been talking about both of them on the way to Retro. Fi was hoping that Jennifer Aniston, who we'd also been talking about would magically appear too, but unfortunately not.

No real plans today, apart from buying a new telephone for my house, as the one I have no longer works. And eating pizza, quite probably.
Current Music: Jenny Lewis - It Wasn't Me

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February 7th, 2006

10:17 pm - More job stuff
So, following more changes of mind about what my new job will entail, I have now been granted the position of US funding editor. I think everything's worked out ok as I seem to have got the things that I most wanted to do, but it's been such a long, drawn-out process that I find it hard to muster much enthusiasm at the moment. Also, one of the things I was told during the interview was that I'd have to learn about making tough decisions and not always being able to keep everyone happy. I find this interesting when the guy interviewing me has created a new position instead of choosing between two people, and tailored the job descriptions of these two posts to what the applicants said they liked and didn't like. Something about practising what you preach, methinks.

I also have to do a load of interviews tomorrow, which should be fun as I haven't really had a proper chance to prepare. I think the hiring may involve a large amount of guesswork.

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February 5th, 2006

08:27 pm - Crash
Kat and I went to see Crash on Friday night at the Prince Charles Cinema (it was only a pound to get in, which is great, although Kat refused to believe that it was true until I proved it to her). I really enjoyed it. I liked that fact that they showed that everyone makes snap judgments about people, and that race obviously comes into this. I think is probably quite true, even if the film overplays this a little.

However, it left me with one question. This film stood out to me as an obvious Oscar contender (which is obviously borne out in it's nominations. It's set at Christmas in LA, and it even snows at the end. So why was it released last summer? I think someone at the distribution messed that one up, as I think it would have had more nominations (and possibly won more Oscars) if it had been released more recently.
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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08:21 pm - Job news
I delayed posting this as things are a bit of a mess. Having applied for my boss's job due to her leaving, I was supposed to find out the verdict on Thursday. On Thursday myself and the other applicant learned that now the job is going to be split, with one person basically taking over the management role and the other taking over the development of special projects. I think it will work better in the end but it was incredibly infuriating to think one thing was going to happen, only for there to be a change of mind from the owner of the company. We still don't know who is going to do which job, either. It is good news as I will get a good promotion and a very senior role but I can't really get excited as it's been dragging on so long.
Current Music: Idlewild - I Understand It

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08:20 pm - The Raconteurs
I was most excited to learn that Jack White and Brendan Benson (who I really like but no-one else has ever heard of) have started a band called The Raconteurs, with a 7" vinyl single just out and and album scheduled for release in May. They even have a cool website which looks like it was made on a BBC computer in about 1982:


I just hope that when they're touring that I can actually get in fast enough to get tickets.
Current Music: Interpol - Evil

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January 31st, 2006

06:54 pm
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